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Program alumni report they accelerated the success of their businesses . . . with or without capital!

Capital Access Series

|How to accelerate access to capital

Just for you . . . 
One day a week for three weeks, equips entrepreneurs, investors, and innovation centers to accelerate success: Faster access to . . . capital, better investment choices, and innovation commercialization.

Each due-diligence-focused section is led by angel investors . . . seasoned industry leaders who share practical, relevant, and timely knowledge and practices that are critical to the prosperity of your business.

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Perfect Pitch Workshop

|How to resonate with investors

This program is a one-day intensive that is light on lecture and very heavy on exercises and presentation practice. As a result, each program is limited to the first 20 students who register.

You'll learn to use a core model that you can customize to deliver in any circumstance.

For over six years, the program has equipped hundreds of program participants improve their ability to resonate with investors; a requirement to accelerate their access to capital and other resources they need to grow their businesses . . . faster than ever before.


One-on-One expert access

Improve your odds even further. Augment your program participation by booking advisory time with one or more program faculty members. Remember, less than 1 in 20 entrepreneurs resonate with investors . . . if they get to meet with one!

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Investor Readiness Review

How to assess your readiness to present to investors

Get unbiased feedback regarding your preparation to present to investors.

Is everything clear, concise, and cogent?

Style . . . is the look and feel of the materials consistent with the business theme?

Structure . . . does the flow of revelation foster engagement of the investor audience?

Content . . . are the questions of investors anticipated and addressed in the material?




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