BRazil Angel Success Series


Angel investing is very risky business!

However, with the right attitude and practices, angel investing can produce uncommon returns for investors. The Brazil Angel Success Series program will equip new angel investors to navigate those perilous but potentially rewarding waters.

The eighteen 2-hour online sessions, equip participants to make faster and better angel investments, that is to increase their yield, in the face of inherent risks.

The online BRASS program is built, in cooperation with, on the proven angel investment related program called the Capital Access Series. Tht BRASS program is delivered y veteran faculty comprised of Silicon Valley angel investors who are domain experts on the topic they lead who have demonstrated success transferring their knowledge to program participants.

Dave Mosby is CEO of and creator of the Capital Access Series program delivered to over 250 students. Some have been angel investors, most have been entrepreneurs seeking to resonate with investors.

As a participant in the BRASS program, you will learn to improve the yield of your angel investments from the formal and informal wisdom shared in the program.

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